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Valorisation - Verwertung

In the OPE list, we are having an interesting debate about the translation of "Verwertung" as "valorisation" given by Fawkes. This is my latest post, I think can be useful

Some further comments after a few researches.
As for the German. The concept of “Verwertung” is a crucial “category” in Capital. If you let me say this, Capital without “Verwertung” is like Christ without the Cross for Christian people: it is essential to Capital's definition and is a category repetitively used all over the book. The word was not commonly used in Germany in 18th century. In 19th it was then new. Its main meaning was: to pull out the inner value of something and make it useful, in particular for things, which originally did not seem to be useful (Grimm dictionary). This is more or less the same meaning one can find in the current Duden dictionary. Marx's meaning is then a sort of neologism and it is mechanically created by adding to the noun “Wert” a prefix (v…