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Internationale Gesellschaft Hegel-Marx fuer dialektisches Denken. Universalism, National Question and Conflicts Concerning Hegemony. Proceedings

Gli atti del congresso di Lisbona della Internationale Gesellschaft Hegel Marx
Introduction by Stefano G. AzzarĂ 
The deep crisis of global capitalism is today developing in a struggle of unprecedented transformation preceded by long historical process not only on the economic but also the political and cultural planes.

The announcement of the “end of history” and of the definitive arrival of a new peaceful world order is representative of a kind of neo-liberalism that emerged at the end of the cold war, but which is contradicted by two decades of war and uninterrupted international tension as well as significant imbalances in every single country. The optimistic declarations of Francis Fukuyama and the bellicose slogan of the clash of civilizations of Samuel P. Huntington and of other neo-conservative American intellectuals characterize this period. This still continues as the inspiration of numerous Western elites searching for a guiding idea to clarify the relations betwee…